Mailbox Rental

Mail Box Rentals:

  • Safe and Secure: We’ve been here since 1985.
  • No set up fees--Three month minimum rental
  • 24 Hour Access: Additional fee required.

We are a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, authorized by the United States Postal Service. We have three mail box sizes available: Standard, Medium and Large.

Pre-Paid Term




3 Months




6 Months




12 Months




Online Payments

Information needed to set up a mailbox:  Completed Rental Agreement and United States Postal Service Form 1583 (application for delivery of mail through agent). You will need Adobe Acrobat™ to open and print this application  This application will need to be notarized or signed in our presence.  A clear photo copy of two pieces of ID must accompany this application. Acceptable documents are listed in box 8 of the application

A change of address can be filled out online at the USPS Website.  Mail can be forwarded to Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies, but the USPS will not forward mail from CMRAs.  Please see form 1583 for more information.  Please see our Mail Forwarding page for fees associated with this service.

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