Shipping Terms and Conditions

Items tendered for processing are subject to the provisions on this page:

1.         Unless another value is declared, in writing (and appears on customers receipt), in advance of shipment, each parcel shall be deemed to have a maximum value of $100 if carried by DHL, UPS or FedEx, and no value if carried by USPS. The entry of a COD amount or Customs Value is NOT a declaration of value.

2.         Any item received for packing and/or shipping may be opened by Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC or carrier for inspection.

3.         Articles of a hazardous nature or those prohibited by the carrier or any governmental body shall not be accepted.  Inaccurate or misleading declaration of package contents by the customer may result in penalties and fines that are the sole responsibility of the customer.  Additionally, liability for damage due to improperly packaged items, and/or inaccurate or misleading declaration of package contents may result and is/are the sole responsibility of the customer.

4.         Customer accepts full responsibility for damage to any article packed by customer. Customer is responsible for determining proper specifications for the contents prior to packing.

5.         In no event shall Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC its Employees, Agents, or Carriers be liable for any consequential, incidental or special damages which may arise from loss, damage, non delivery, or delayed delivery.  This limitation shall apply to, but not be limited to, damages for loss or profit or income.

6.         Customer warrants that the address label is complete and accurate, and agrees to hold Eugene Mailbox Center harmless for packages that are lost or misdelivered because of an inaccurate address. If carrier is required to correct the address or deliver to another address, customer agrees to pay reasonable fees associated with this additional service.  Address correction charges will also apply to any UPS or FedEx shipment sent to a P.O. Box or Rural Route Box.  Address corrections may result in delivery delays that neither Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC nor the carrier can be responsible for.  In addition, carriers will not reroute or dispose of undeliverable shipments at no cost if the undeliverable shipment is not related to a service failure.  Undeliverable shipments will now be returned at the Customer's/Senderís expense. Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC reserves the right to hold any return shipment until Customer reimburses Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC for the return shipment and storage fees.  Items held for more than thirty days become the property of Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC--with the exception of hazardous or dangerous goods.

7.         Customer is responsible for furnishing adequate information to permit Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC and the carrier to investigate claims for loss or damage.  Such information shall include consignee's name, address, telephone number, date of shipment, parcel contents, value, proof of value, and package ID number.

8.         Before requesting tracing of an undelivered package, customer must verify non-receipt with the consignee and wait a reasonable period of time which shall be determined by Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC.  All tracing and tracking is to be done by Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC. 

9.         In the event of parcel damage, Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC will process a claim if all of the following steps are taken by either the customer or the consignee:

a. Notation of obvious damage on the carrier's delivery document;

b. Retention of all cartons and packing materials;

c. Notification to Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt;

d. Cooperation with Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC instructions for processing the claim.

10.          In the event of loss or damage of any article, Eugene Mailbox Center, LLCís liability shall be limited to the lesser of (a) the actual cash value of the article or (b) the amount necessary to repair or replace the article, or (c) the amount declared by the customer, in writing, at the time of shipment, or (d) the amount of the claim paid by the carrier and/or third party insurer.

11.          Carrier may deny any claim for damage caused by "shock" to sheet glass, electronics, or other items not suitable to the shipping environment. Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC will not assume liability in these cases.

12.          In order to establish actual cash value in the event of damage or loss, customer is responsible for furnishing Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC with an original invoice, receipt or appraisal which is not more than one year old from the date of shipping.  The amount declared by customer at the time of shipment is not an acceptable proof of value.

13. Customer agrees that once a claim for loss or damage has been paid, customer waives all rights to file further claims on that particular shipment.

14. In the case of items shipped via United States Postal Service, customer is fully aware that claims or tracing is impossible.

15. Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC nor the carrier are responsible for items where the signature release option is selected by the sender or receiver.

16. Undeliverable packages must be collected by customer or reshipped at additional charge within 30 days of written notification. Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC may attempt to notify customer of undeliverable packages by telephone before sending written notification.  Items left beyond the 30 day limit become the property of Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC.

17. Delivery times and dates are estimates based on information provided by carrier. Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC will not be liable for failure of carrier to effect a timely delivery. Only shipping charges are refundable on "Guaranteed" shipments. Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC shall not be liable should carrier refuse refunds.

18. Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC shall not be liable for failure of carrier to collect COD moneys.

19. Eugene Mailbox Center, LLC reserves the right to add, revise, or subtract from these terms and conditions.

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